TITS is a Low/no budget documentary film by Tristan Bell and Lily Levin. 

The aim of TITS is to rival the idealistic representation of the body put forward by the media, to deconstruct taboos and shame around breasts, examine breast fetishisation within society and to highlight breasts as multi functional organs and not just sexual. We want  to explore these themes through personal experiences and shed light on what it’s really like to have a pair of tits.

Issues covered will include breast cancer, reduction surgery, enhancement surgery, transgender issues, sexuality, gender stereotyping, cultural differences and sexual abuse.


Breasts have always carried a great deal of stigma both positive and negative, and in recent years breasts have been discussed within the media more than ever, commenting on their use, place, and size.

The TITS ethos is that we need to to see breasts not just through the gaze of the viewer, but through the eyes of the owner too. We need to hear what it’s like to have pair, what it's like to have them taken off, stared at, sucked on, judged, reduced, enlarged, loved, hated, and harmed. We want to expose the film to a larger audience, and celebrate body positivity and body awareness for all - for those with and without breasts.


The documentary has been made on £0 budget, its been a case of using every spare minute and existing equipment to source, arrange, travel and conduct interviews. We've looked to interview participants who have had a range of experiences and asked them both set and specific questions. 

TITS is all about breasts in their physical form and in their psychological state, their relation to our our whole bodily experience cannot be ignored. Respecting opinion and experience has been paramount to our process, and has helped to create a safe space for all participants. We hope that the film will create discussion, celebrate difference and diversity, and most of all encourage a greater dialogue between different tribes of people, and with ourselves.