DIRECTOR Tristan Bell

Tristan is a London based filmmaker with an emphasis on DIY and low/no budget filmmaking. Tristan graduted from East 15 with an MA in Filmmaking with his final film Horseface, which starred Lily Levin as one of the lead characters. Post graduation he has worked with the WI of Sturmer, London Queer Film festival, Hertsmere and St Albans Council, and an array of emerging community and commercial based businesses.

Over the past few years Tristan has completed several personal film projects including Better the Devil, a fictional documentary following Satan as he reclaims a more pedestrian life down in South London, and Tristan and Lily’s first collaborative documentary Grampy, a film following Lily’s grandfather as he re-discovers his tragic post-war childhood.

Tristan’s work is visually focused, organically formed, and looks to challenge, humour, and hypnotise.

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PRODUCER lily levin

Levin has been part of The Alchemist Theatre’s controversial Liberation, a movement based theatre show using nudity to explore what it means to be liberated. The show was a hit at Edinburgh fringe festival 2015, covered in The Scottish Times and The Guardian and receiving four stars from The Scotsman. The show deconstructed society as well as the perception of the naked form, and used movement and a lot of paint to bring the audience back to their childhoods, asking them; ‘What are we doing here? What have we to hide?’

Levin also took part in Keira Greene’s art project; Totally On Fire. A short film capturing a scene described to the director by her father after his visit to the Esalen people in California. The Esalen people were a group of naturists, and the film recreates and game of volleyball they played one day without a net or a ball, or any clothes.


composer Antony Kosky

A composer, singer songwriter and Musician.

For over a decade now Anthony has written music for musicals, underscored plays, composed short and feature film music and worked as a live and recording musician.

 Anthony's plays piano and percussion, his musical training comes from tutoring focused around playing by ear and chord structures with an extensive understanding of reading music. As a live Musician he has performed at a number of notable venues across London; Barbican Theatre, Arcola Theatre, Trafalgar Square, Hide Park Winter Wonderland, Arts Theatre London, The Place London.

Based in Surrey Anthony is currently interested in writing for film and discovering the world of jingles. He teaches piano and singing and has an extensive CV of performing live music at a number of venue across the UK and internationally.